May 19, 2013

Games and Puzzles

Name That Vegetable

Let's see how well you know your vegetables.  See if you can guess which vegetable is the correct answer.

1. This vegetable has more sugar than any other vegetable.

2. The vegetable is the one most consumed by Americans each year.

3. This vegetable must still be harvested by hand.

4. This vegetable was first grown as medicine and not as food.

5. This vegetable was given to the winner of certain athletic events in Ancient Greece.

6. This vegetable is actually the flower of the plant that we eat.

7. This vegetable is actually the seed of the plant that we eat.

8. This vegetable becomes sweeter and more desirable after being exposed for a longer period of time to temperatures below 40 degrees F.


1. beets
2. potatoes
3. asparagus
4. carrots
5. celery
6. broccoli (artichokes are actually flower buds)
7. corn
8. parsnip

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