Welcome to my food blog!  I am no gourmet cook and have had no formal training, but I do enjoy cooking and baking. The recipes for the most part will be simple and quick to make because like most of you, we are a busy family and don't have a lot of time.  My recipes are either original, adapted (for my family's taste and diet) or handed down from family and friends.

I will also include some food trivia because I think it's interesting (I hope you do as well!) to see some of the history or fun associated with the foods we eat.  Health and fitness information will be provided along with some games and puzzles.  One of the more popular categories is the What's For Dinner posts.  You will see a weekly menu of the meals I plan to prepare for my family.  Maybe it will inspire you as you all inspire me!  There are other categories for you to check out too and new ones may be added along the way.

You are always welcome to make suggestions and/or comments so please send them my way -- I am always open to trying something new!  Plus I love to hear your feedback!

Bon Appetit!!