January 19, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that there is a national cheese ball day?  It is celebrated here in the states on April 17th.

that cheddar cheese (as well as leicester and cheshire cheese) gets its color from annatto seed?  Marigold petals as well as carrot juice have also been used.

that the different textures, flavors and colors of various types of cheese are due to many things including the type of milk used, how long the cheese is aged and the conditions used (i.e. humidity levels, etc.), the type of bacterial cultures used, the type of processing used and, of course, the adding of different flavorings.

that cheddar cheese is the second most popular cheese in the U.S.?  Mozzarella is number one.

that cheese can be made from the milk of a cow or goat (this you probably knew!) but also from sheep, buffalo, camel, llama and yak?

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