September 30, 2012

Let's Talk

I know this doesn't really have anything to do with food, but as I mom I wanted to "brag" about my kids!  Although, I can tie it to the reason that I didn't blog yesterday (that and spending the rest of the day in kitchen) -- LOL!  Anyways, yesterday my husband and I raced from one side of town to another to watch all three of our sons run.  My older boys ran a half marathon for the first time ever and did very well.  They only got interested in running a few months ago so have been training for only a short time.  My 26 year old placed in the top 15% and my 23 year old placed in the top 3% (91st place out of 4,000 runners) and they were competing with many professional runners!  Then we watched my 7th grader run at his cross country meet.  He has beat his personal record at almost every meet and has been consistently 4th on his team.  I'm proud of all of them!  Okay, now I'll get of my "mom soapbox" -- thank you for listening!

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