January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution Tips

I know many of you have made New Year's resolutions that include eating healthier, eating less and saving more money by cooking more often at home.  Every year my objective seem to be about those very same things.  Since I started this blog, I am getting closer to keeping those resolutions.  So. . . I thought it might be fun to start a "mini series" on tips that have helped me achieve those goals.  Maybe these are things you already do but hopefully you'll find some new ideas that will inspire you.  I am still a work in progress (and always will be!) but I feel that at least I am moving in the right direction.  Feel free to add your comments and/or feedback.  Maybe we can all help each other!

Tip # 1

I am fortunate that I currently only work part-time but I remember a time when I was a single parent working full time and having a second job just so I could pay the bills.  That didn't leave a lot of money for eating out. I had to cook at home.  What truly helped me was that on the weekends when I had more time, I would make two big meals -- one for Saturday's dinner and again one for Sunday's dinner.  I made sure to make extra so that we would have leftovers for dinner on Monday and Tuesday.  That certainly made those two nights easier especially when my sons had a lot of homework or had some kind of practice (basketball, track, etc.).  I would just heat the food up and serve it with some fresh fruit (or canned) and bread (if I needed a little more to fill up our bellies).

Cook two big meals on the weekend so that you can have the leftovers for dinner on Monday and Tuesday.

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