February 1, 2013

Product Review

Morning Star
As I promised last week, here is my review of the Morning Star veggie burgers.  I was chosen through my being a Bzz Agent to be part of this "campaign".  Morning Star Farm products create vegetarian dishes and  include products such as breakfast foods, burgers, veggie chicken dishes, veggie dogs (as in corn and hot dogs), enchiladas, etc.

Morning Star Farms has actually been around since the 1970s and was first introduced by Worthington Foods.  It wasn't until 1999 that the Kellogg Company bought Worthington Foods, thus making Morning Star part of Kellogg's.

With my free coupon (normally about $3.99, at least at my store), I purchased the Garden Veggie Patties. Their 9.5 oz. box contained four burgers and they were located in the freezer section.   For those watching their weight, this variety has 74% less fat than ground beef and only 110 calories per serving.

They were very easy to prepare and very quick to cook.  I just had to place them in my microwave for three minutes, and they were done.  If you prefer, cooking them on the grill is also an option.   My husband liked them just fine but my youngest son did not care for them.  He didn't like their "smell" and even though mom (mean one that I am!) made him try them, he couldn't take more than one or two bites.  I ate about half of mine because I too wasn't that crazy about them.  Maybe if we had tried another variety (such as Asian, California Turkey, Chipotle Black Bean, etc.) we may have enjoyed them better.

I'm just curious. . . have any of you tried any of the Morning Star foods?  And, if so, did you like them or not?  Which product did you try?  Please comment below so we can hear about your experience -- thanks!

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  1. I have had this brand numerous times- what I have had are just alright. Dr. Praegers burgers are my husbands favorite (they do not have any soy and its basically pressed veggies in a patty). I feel like a lot of the soy products have such an unnatural taste and too much soy. A guilty pleasure is the fake chicken patties for me by morning star farms. Occasionally I will make sloppy joes with the ground meat alternative.

    1. Then we weren't the only ones to feel that these were just okay. I have never heard of Dr. Praegers burgers. I'll have to look for them. I have made black bean burgers from scratch which really weren't hard to make at all and they were good (I did post the recipe). Maybe I'll have to do some more experimenting!