August 2, 2013

Games and Puzzles

Here's a trivia game to test your knowledge about this fruit.  See how well you do by answering the following questions then compare your responses with those listed below.

Tomato Trivia

1.  How many variety of tomatoes are there?
     a.  4,000
     b.  6,000
     c.  8,000
     d.  10,000

2.  Tomato is the most consumed fruit in the United States.
     a.  True
     b.  False

3.  The country that produces the largest amount of tomatoes is
     a.  United States
     b.  China
     c.  Turkey
     d.  India

4.  The largest tomato plant obtained a length of
     a.  15 feet
     b.  25 feet
     c.  45 feet
     d.  65 feet

5.  Tomatoes are originally from
     a.  Italy
     b.  Spain
     c.  South America
     d.  China

6.  Farm journals in 1842 stated that the tomato was the "latest craze".
     a.  True
     b.  False

7.  The color of tomatoes can be
     a.  white
     b.  black
     c.  purple
     d.  pink

8.  There used to be a law that banned the eating of tomatoes.
     a.  True
     b.  False


1.  d - 10,000 at least
2.  a - True
3.  b - China followed by the United States, Turkey, India and Egypt
4.  d - 65 feet and it was grown by Nutriculture Ltd. of Mawdesley, Lancashire, UK in the
     year 2000
5.  c - South America
6.  a - True
7.  a, b, c, d - tomatoes can be all these colors (tricked you!)
8.  a - True; in 1820 the state of New York made this law because they thought that
     tomatoes were poisonous    

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