September 21, 2013

Games and Puzzles

Famous Fish

How well do you know your famous fictional fish?  Let's play a game to find out.  The following is a list of clues to help you come up with their names.  If you need a little help, the answers are below.

1.  Famous Clownfish

2.  Starkist Favorite

3.  Friend of Ariel in The Little Mermaid

4.  Driving Instructor on Sponge Bob Square Pants

5. Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse from Shark Tale

6.  Colorful Fish with Shiny Scales

7.  "Keep on Swimming; Keep on Swimming" is Her Mantra

8.  Angel Fish from Shark Tale

9.  Three-Eyed Fish From The Simpsons

10. His Voice Sounds a Lot Like Don Knotts



1.  Nemo (from the movie "Finding Nemo")

2.  Charlie  ("Sorry Charlie" is the famous line from this ad)

3.  Flounder

4.  Mrs. Puff (after all, she is a puffer fish!)

5.  Oscar

6.  Rainbow Fish (Children's Book)

7.  Dorrie (from "Finding Nemo")

8.  Angela

9.  Blinky

10. Mr. Limpet (from the movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpet)

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