September 29, 2013

Health and Fitness

You may wonder which is better for you a white flour tortilla or a corn tortilla.  Here is what I found. . .

Corn tortillas have less calories than white flour ones (70 vs. 150 on average).

Corn tortillas have less fat (1 gram compared to 3.5 grams in white flour tortillas of which 1.5 of it is saturated fat which is not the good fat).

When it comes to protein and fiber, in this case, white flour tortillas have more (4 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber as opposed to 2 grams of protein and no fiber in the corn tortillas). Whole grain tortillas may have even more.

Another thing to consider is that corn tortillas are usually made up of corn flour and water (making them wheat and gluten free) but also may contain more sugar due to the corn; whereas flour tortillas usually have the extra addition of sodium.

So. . . the best way to answer the question "which is healthier", is to read the labels on the package and decide which you want more or less of in your diet.

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