November 19, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that there really is no evidence that the first Thanksgiving meal included turkey?  It actually was a three day celebration attended by the Wamponoag tribe and the pilgrims; the year was 1621.  Chances are that seafood and venison is what was seen on their tables.

that you also did not see forks on the first Thanksgiving table?  That's because it was not introduced in this country until ten years later.  Governor Winthrop brought it over; however it wasn't until the 1700s that it really was starting to be used.  The Indians and pilgrims would have used a knife, spoon and their fingers.

that one of the reasons that Swanson began creating TV dinners was due to Thanksgiving turkeys?  In 1953, Swanson was looking for a way to deal with the massive quantity of leftover turkeys from the holiday.

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