April 22, 2015

Did You Know

that the word "caramel" comes from the Spanish language?  It is believed that caramelo actually referred to caramelized sugar and not the chewy candy that we associate with today.

that the first time that "caramel" is used in the English language was in 1725?

that caramel is made when you slowly boil sugar?  As the sugar cooks it begins to break down and turn into a dark, amber liquid. 

that soft caramel was invented in the United States?

that the difference between making hard caramel vs. soft caramel has to do with temperature?  Soft caramel is cooked to 245 degrees F.  Whereas, hard caramel is cooked to 290 degrees F.

that Milton Hershey actually began making caramels before he started making his famous chocolate?

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