August 31, 2012

Product Review

My favorite containers to cook and/or bake with are the Pyrex dishes.  With all the concerns about cooking with plastic in the microwave -- some say the chemicals in the plastic are released into our foods and could cause cancer but there are conflicting answers to the validity of this being true or not -- I decided I didn't want to take the chance so I switched to using glassware a year ago or so.  I, of course, also use it in the oven when making casseroles, cakes, etc.

Pyrex has been around since 1915 and according to it is used in 80% of American kitchens.  Pyrex is an American company based in Rosemont, Illinois and the glassware sold in the United States is made in the United States.  I have never had any of my Pyrex glass bakeware break; it is heat strengthened to increase its resistance to breakage caused by impact or sudden, uneven temperature changes.  However, there are a few things you can do to minimize this risk:
  1. Always place hot bakeware on a dry, cloth potholder or towel.
    • Never place hot bakeware on top of the stove, on a metal trivet, on a damp towel, in the sink or directly on a counter.
  2. Never put bakeware directly on a heat source such as on a stove top, on a grill, under a broiler or in a toaster oven.
  3. Always allow the oven to fully preheat before placing bakeware in the oven.
  4. Always cover the bottom of the dish with liquid before cooking meat or vegetables.
One of my favorite things about using Pyrex is that many of the containers come with a lid.  I really try to help the environment by not using foil, saran wrap, etc.  Because of the lids, I am helping the environment and my spending (by not having to buy as much foil, etc.)  This also makes it great to transport your food when going to a picnic, party or whatever the occasion.
I would like to comment, though, on the Easy Grab products.  My husband recently bought me a set of these and I have to admit, I do not like the fact that the lids don't fit as securely (did anyone else have this problem?).  I have the other type and those lids fit great.  I did contact Pyrex and they were kind enough to send me a whole new set like the ones with the lids that I currently have.  (Actually their customer service was excellent.)  So, you may want to test the lids before making your purchase. See which ones you like best.

Note:  there was $1 off coupon in Sunday's (August 26, 2012 - SmartSource) paper.

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