September 27, 2012

Did You Know. . .

that Johnny Appleseed was a hero?  During the War of 1812, Johnny Appleseed heard the British had incited an Indian attack, so he ran 30 miles from Mansfield to Mount Vernon, Ohio, to warn settlers. 

that the last known tree planted by Johnny Appleseed is on a farm owned by Richard and Phyllis Algeon?  It is located in Nova, Ohio?  Cuttings from the tree have been planted throughout the Midwest.

that Urbana University, located in Urbana, OH, maintains the world's only Johnny Appleseed Museum, which is open to the public?  The museum hosts a number of artifacts, including a tree that is believed to have been planted by Johnny Appleseed.  In addition, the museum is also home to a large number of historical memorabilia, the largest in the world.  They also provide a number of services for research, including a national registry of Johnny Appleseed's relatives.


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