October 14, 2012


Well, I'm back from my adventure!  That first night was a little rough though.  I left the house with a migraine, and if you've ever ridden in a motor home, you know that you feel every bounce and hear every rattle -- not good when your head hurts!  After that, however, I had a great time.  It was like a little bit of home away from home.  I had a stovetop and microwave and my husband also brought a grill so we ate well.  We had spaghetti, hotdogs, hamburgers, etc.  I even brought some leftover potato soup and pumpkin pancakes.  We certainly didn't go hungry! 

I was surprised but I actually slept well.  I wasn't too crazy about having to take quick showers but at least we had hot water!  All in all, it was fun and fairly comfortable.  I believe I'll be seeing more of this beautiful country now that we have our own "little hotel".  Any suggestions on where to go?

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