February 9, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that Montezuma (the king of the ancient Aztecs) felt that if he consumed chocolate it would make him virile?

that Casanova (an Italian adventurer who was known for loving many women) would eat chocolate rather than sip on champagne to bring about romance?

that Madame Du Barry (a courtesan and mistress of King Louis XV) gave chocolate to all her admirers?

that Napoleon supposedly took chocolate with him on all his military campaigns?

that in the 19th century doctors would typically tell their patients who were looking for love to eat chocolate?  This supposedly would soothe their longings for love.  I personally think chocolate is a cure all for lots of things, don't you agree?!

that in 1973, Roland Ohisson (a Swiss candy salesman) was laid to rest in a coffin solely made of chocolate?

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