March 8, 2013

New Year's Resolution Tips

Tip # 6

Here is another easy, makes sense kind of way to save on money at the grocery store. Buy in season.  This time of year here in Northeast Ohio, it is more expensive to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that are typically grown in the summertime.  That is why you do not see a lot of honeydew, broccoli, etc. served with our meals in the winter. Occasionally, a local store will have a sale on produce and that is when I will buy berries or asparagus or fresh dill.  If you can get it grown locally, the taste is so much better as well as less costly. Here are a few links to give you a local seasonal food guide.

Another way that I save, is to buy more of the produce when it is a good buy and freeze it.  The peaches that I have on my menu this time of year was purchased last summer.  I just made a simple sugar syrup and froze them so we can enjoy them in the winter.  With herbs, dry them or freeze them so they are available to you year round.  Many vegetables also taste great frozen.  Of course, if you have the extra time, canning can also save you a lot of money while still enjoying local produce.

Buy in season!

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  1. I made and loved those cheesy baked potatos