April 1, 2013

Health and Fitness

When I put edamame in my Spring Salad, I didn't realize all the controversy regarding soy products (edamame are young soybeans in a pod).  I just assumed that soy products were very healthy for you.  After reading several articles, real soy is.  It's the processed soy that is not.  Processed soy contains fats and chemicals that are not good for your body.  The bottom line is to buy soy products that are organic and non-GMO.  Here are some good articles to read so you can see why this is so important:




The good news is that natural edamame is good for you.  It is low in calories and very high in protein and fiber.  It may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  It contains properties that help fight inflammation.  Edamame can also help avoid osteoporosis because of its calcium content which also promotes healthy teeth.

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