May 26, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that during  the American Revolution, the army food ration for soldiers included meat or salt fish, vegetables and hardtack (or bread)?

that during World War II, for the general public many foods were rationed?  It was done in stages beginning in 1940 and they included foods like butter, sugar, tea, eggs, cheese, milk and meat.

that during this time, there was actually a Minister of Food?  The duties of this government office was to hype the benefits of food rationing to the people and also to educate them about better eating habits.

that according to a survey taken in 1951, banana cream pie was the favorite dessert of U.S. armed services?  The least favorite was rice pudding.

that according to a survey taken by Weber in 2012, almost 75% of Americans will fire up their grill on Memorial Day?  What are the foods they are cooking -- hamburgers are the most popular followed by chicken and then steak.

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