August 27, 2013

What's For Dinner

Did you miss me?!  LOL!  Well, it was one very hectic, tiring week but the weekend was wonderful!  Lots of celebrating with family and friends!  And because we had almost 80 people to feed on Sunday, of course, we have leftovers.  So, my meals this week will include using up the deli meat, cheeses and veggies that we have an abundance of!

Open-Face Turkey Sandwich
*French Dip Sandwiches, Coleslaw, Fresh Veggies, Olives, Pineapple

*Open-Face Turkey Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Artichokes With Red Roasted Peppers, Fruit Salad

*Roasted Vegetables and Pasta, Blackberries

*Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Broccoli, Plums

*Vegetable Pie, Orange Slices

*Breaded Whitefish, Herbed Rice, Garden Green Beans, Nectarines

* Cheesy Hamburger Noodle Casserole, Soup Carrots, Red Grapes

Note:  if the dish is highlighted, the recipe has been posted

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