February 21, 2014

Freezer Fun

I freeze my coconut all the time, mainly because I don't use coconut too often when I'm baking.  All you need to do is pack the grated or shredded flesh of the coconut into small containers after moistening it with its own milk.  Make sure to leave about 1/2" space near the top to allow room for expansion.  You can also toast the coconut first and then freeze it in your containers.

If you are like me and just buy the coconut already shredded (in a bag at your local grocery store), you can just throw the coconut into a covered container as well and freeze.

To use just thaw at room temperature for one to two hours before using.  The freezer life for fresh coconut is about 6 months, for toasted coconut it is about 2 months and for bagged coconut it is one year.

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