May 16, 2015

Product Review

Red Baron Brick Oven-Style Pizza

I just tried out the new Red Baron® Brick Oven-Style Pepperoni pizza for free, thanks to Red Baron brand &  I expected it to taste just like most other frozen pizzas but my family really liked this one.  The texture of the crust was not too rubbery and not too hard like some cardboard tasting brands.  The flavor of the sauce was good.  However, I did need to blot some of the grease from the pepperoni (have you ever done that?!).  The price was reasonable as well (mine cost $3.50) so for a quick lunch or snack you may want to try this brand.  The one disappointment I have is that at this time was that there was not a lot of varieties.  My store only had the trio cheese and the pepperoni variety.  According to Red Baron's site there is also Meat Trio and Sausage Supreme.  I think a spinach and mushroom or other veggie type variety would be a great addition.  If you decide to see if this pizza will be "love at first bite", let me know!

"Love at First Bite" Commercial

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