April 22, 2016

Did You Know. . .

that the way that flour is made is by grinding and sifting grains (or other foodstuffs) especially wheat?  Other examples of grains that are used to make flour include barley, rye, corn, rice and buckwheat.  Other foodstuffs include cassava, soybeans, bananas, potatoes, acorns, amaranth and mesquite.

that grinding stones from Russia, Italy and the Czech Republic were found to have been embedded with starch grains which suggests that people 30,000 years ago processed roots from ferns and cattails into flour?

that in 1818 on this date that Cadwallader C. Washburn was born in Livermore, Maine (he died on May 15, 1882)?  In 1866, he built a flour mill at St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota and his Washburn-Crosby Co. (forerunner of General Mills) would market Gold Medal flour. Click on this link to see a 1951 Gold Medal Flour TV commercial!

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