July 24, 2017

Very Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Very Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
My son wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday so I came up with this easy ice cream cake recipe.  It turned out really yummy and the best part was that I was able to eat it too because it contains no chocolate!  Usually, I get to eat half of an ice cream cake because it typically has chocolate cookie crumbs and chocolate ice cream which is a no no for me.  Of course, if you are like most people in this world, you can do a layer of chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles to satisfy that chocolate craving!

Vanilla ice cream, softened
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 cup favorite vanilla or buttercream frosting*

I usually take the ice cream out about 1/2 hour before making this.  Spread a 1" layer of ice cream in an 8" x 8" pan.  Cover and freeze till firm.  In medium size bowl, mix frosting a few times with spoon so it's not too stiff.  Then mix in Cool Whip.  Layer half of mixture on top of ice cream.  Add a layer of sprinkles.  Cover and freeze till firm.  Then repeat layers.  Like I said, so easy!!

*You can use 1/2 of 16 oz. can frosting if you so desired.

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