July 31, 2012

Did You Know. . .

that Salisbury Steak was named after Dr. James H. Salisbury?  He was born in 1823 and was an early health food advocate.  After creating this dish, Dr. Salisbury advised his patients to eat it three times a day while limiting their consumption of "poisonous" vegetables and starches.

that in Japan Salisbury Steak is called Hamburg Steak?  It is made from ground meat with egg, finely chopped onion and breadcrumbs that have been  flavored with various spices.

that in Hawaii, Salisbury Steak is a burger patty with brown gravy and is usually served with rice and macaroni salad?  They also have a variety which includes an egg and it is called loco moco.

that in Russia their Salisbury Steak is called Minced Cutlet?  It is a staple of the Russian diet but it is rarely made with pure beef.  It is usually made with pork or can be a beef/pork mixture.  The meat is fried in very little oil and is seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic, finely chopped onion, and usually with eggs and breadcrumbs soaked in milk.

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