August 21, 2012

Health and Fitness

Pork meat is very high in thiamin. This element is known to be effective in healthy functioning of the brain.

Compared to other meat, pork is very low in salt. This is good news for those suffering from kidney ailments.

One of the health benefits of pork meat is that it has a very high protein content. Pork is so rich in protein that a hundred grams of it is equivalent to almost half of what you need every day.  And the better news is that protein in pork is of the type that is easily absorbed by the body.

For those suffering from anemia, pork is your best source of iron.



  1. The low salt content is also good for those suffering from heart disease and diabetes. For those with kidney problems, the high protein might cause adverse effects as this might create more kidney problems so this should be monitored carefully. Good post!