November 8, 2012

Tip of the Day

No one says that you're only allowed to eat turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas.  However, it is a great time of year to buy an extra turkey or two if you have the room in your freezer (they can be kept frozen up to a year). During the holidays, grocery stores will  typically sell turkeys at their lowest price.  In my area, many stores (Marc's, Buehler's, Giant Eagle) are advertising their turkeys for $.79 a pound which is a fairly good price.  Some grocers will also price match.

The reason that I  like to have an extra one or two is because I can get a lot of meals out of one turkey.  Like I have mentioned before, the bones can be made into soup and the meat can be used in dishes like the Turkey Dinner Muffins recipe I just posted.  I feel with the rising cost of food, this is one way to get more for your money and eat well too.

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