January 24, 2013

New Year's Resolution Tips

Tip # 3

After a long day at work, wouldn't it be nice to come home to a hot meal already prepared?  Well, I imagine that for most of you that is a very real possibility.  What am I talking about?!  Well, if you own a crockpot, dinner can be waiting for you at the end of the day.  The slow cooker does most of the work.  Typically all you have to do is throw your ingredients in the pot and just plug it in. How easy is that?!

There are other added benefits as well:

Time:  Clean up may be quicker because your whole meal can be served from just one pot.

Health:  If you are trying to lower your fat intake, many slow cooker recipes will allow for this.  Lots of recipes also include adding vegetables which we all know is a great health benefit.

Money:  Most recipes do just fine with less expensive cuts of meat.  Compared to using an oven, you will also use less energy with this appliance.

So, start finding your soup, stew and chili recipes.  Don't forget pulled pork, ribs, etc.  (Of course, you can also look under my slow cooker recipes to get more ideas!)

Use your slow cooker -- it can be faster, healthier and even save you money!

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