February 28, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that because of a Chinese scroll from the 5th century, stylish women used the skin of the purple eggplants to make a dye to polish their teeth with?  They would polish them until they were a shiny gray.  Sounds attractive, doesn't it?!

that if you have arthritis, you may not want to eat eggplant?  The reason is because it may make your symptoms worse.

that an eggplant is mostly water?  That would be almost 95% of it is.

that in some areas of Europe, eggplant was thought to cause cancer, leprosy, bad breath and even madness?  For this reason, eggplants were usually used to decorate with in the United States and in England up to as recently as the 1900s.

that eggplant is part of the Nightshade family and is actually a fruit?  It is considered a berry.  I learned something knew because I always thought it was a vegetable, didn't you?

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