May 23, 2013

Did You Know. . .

that the word cole slaw comes from the dutch word "kool sla"?  "Kool" means cabbage and "sla" means salad. . . so it simply means cabbage salad.

that it was the development of bottled mayonnaise that made cole slaw a popular side dish in the U.S.?   It was created in 1903 by Richard Hellmann, a New York City deli owner who was born in Vetschau, near Berlin in 1876.  He moved to the United States and married the daughter of a deli owner.  Mr. Hellmann then opened his own deli and started marketing mayonnaise in 1912.  It was a great hit and sold so well that he ended up closing his deli and devoting all his time to the manufacturing of his mayonnaise.  It was simple and fast to use as a dressing for shredded cabbage.  Today Hellmann's is still spelled with a double "n" as it was spelled in its original German way.  You can read more details here.

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