September 15, 2013

Freezer Fun

Did you know that cake/cupcakes actually freeze really well? The ones that don't freeze as well are ones that use synthetic flavorings (they will develop an "off" flavor) and those that use a lot of spices. They can be frozen with frosting and those that are filled; however, they will keep longer if they are not. You can freeze them whole or as slices.

If your cake is small enough, you can freeze it whole in a plastic bag.  However, if it is frosted, place your cake or cupcakes in boxes, cookie tins or an airtight container. If you prefer to freeze your cake in slices, use wax paper between the slices so you can remove as much or as little as you desire. I would not fill your cake(s) with fruit or jam as freezing them this way, will make them soggy.

When it comes to the frostings, buttercream works best. Boiled frostings, custard cream fillings and soft meringue frosting do not do well.

The freezer life of plain cakes is 4 months; for those that are frosted it is 3 months.  All you need to do is unthaw at room temperature, usually for an hour or two.  If the cake is frosted, remove from container first so it won't stick to the top and sides.

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