May 21, 2013

What's For Dinner

Another busy week for us, so most of my meals will have to be quick to make.

*Spaghetti with Garden Marinara Sauce, Fresh Salad, Mixed Fruit
Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

*Ham, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Pineapple

*Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, Baked Fries, Peaches

*Pierogies, Carrot Sticks, Bananas, Hard Rolls

*Baked Cod, Veggie Rice Pilaf, Steamed Basil Carrots, Tropical Salad

*Grilled Hamburgers, Grilled Breaded Potatoes, Pickles, Blueberries

*Black Bean Quesadillas, Homemade Tortilla Chips & Guacamole, Apples

Note:  if the dish is highlighted, the recipe has been posted

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