January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolution Tips

Tip # 2

Okay, in Tip #1 I explained what I often do for Monday's and Tuesday's dinners so now I will tell you how you still can cook meals during the rest of your busy week.  Believe it or not, there truly are meals that take less time to prepare in your kitchen than it does to drive to your local fast food restaurant and bring it home.

On those nights when I know I am extremely busy, I will make meals like sloppy joes or even grilled cheese sandwiches.  No one says that your dinner has to be a huge meal like a roast with potatoes and vegetables.  It can be simple yet healthy and tasty.  You can serve vegetable soup or cut up fresh veggies along with some fresh fruit for both of the above meals. To boost the nutritional value serve on whole grain bread or buns.

Salads, stir fries and spaghetti can be made in a snap as well as eggs, bacon and toast. Fish is one of the fastest main dishes to cook.  The herbed baked fish bakes in 8 -12 minutes.  Other meals that can typically be made in 20 minutes or less include macaroni & cheese, barbecue chicken sandwichesblack bean quesadillas, creamy turkey and rice, mexican beans and rice, quick pizza,and sausage topped baked potatoes.  Again most of your sides can include fruit (think sliced apples, canned peaches. . .) and vegetables (either fresh, canned or frozen -- the steamed vegetables cook in your microwave for just a few minutes).  There are also frozen sweet potato fries as well as regular frozen fries which are convenient to prepare.   There is even frozen brown rice (or white) available.   (See product reviews to see reviews of ones that I have tried).

Use your imagination too -- pizza can be as simple as putting some pizza sauce, cheese and toppings on top of a bagel.  Just stick under the broiler for a few minutes or until cheese is melted.  Baked potatoes can include any number of healthy add-ons like cooked vegetables and cheese, chili with beans, etc.  Get creative!

Start collecting recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less for those busy weekday nights.  It may be quicker to cook at home rather than driving to a fast food restaurant.

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